About me

I always feel incredibly privileged to be part of someone’s special occasion

When a seed of an idea is planted by a very good friend, whilst she was doing my hair, and then you suddenly notice it has become your everyday. Curl & Pin was just a discussion, about the fact I love doing hair and creating beautiful styles…and I really wanted a doll head to practise on!!! Today it seems that Curl & Pin has become my new venture and I am loving it!

I have been styling hair since I can remember. My mum used to do fabulous French plaits and within minutes of them being in I would complain they were not right, had lumps in them and I would take them out. I would then proceed to replace the lovely plait with about 3 butterfly clips (it was the 80s), 6 hair clips and 2 different (neon) hair bands. Couple this with different coloured neon socks, sweat bands, a reversible Minnie mouse jumper (a must have in 1988) and I was the picture of cool!!! I also begged for Crimpers and finally got them on my 10th birthday! But on a serious note I do believe this was where it all began; my love of hairstyling.



In 2014 I had twin boys and my (now) 6 year old started school so it was time to find something that fitted in with my ‘working’ hours! Wedding hair seemed such a natural move. Bridal hair is about creating a look perfect for the individual and their wedding day.  I had already styled many brides (friends and family) all with incredibly different wedding days, and numerous bridesmaids, so the next step was to do it officially. I embarked on a qualification in Advanced Hairstyling, completed it and began my vocation.

Creating Wedding Hair and Updos is such fun, and I always feel incredibly privileged to be part of someone’s special occasion. The Vintage bride really inspires me and I think the bridal styles can be versatile and amazing. I specialise in looks that represent a flashback to the past from a 40s pin curl to a 60s beehive. However if you are looking for a more classical bridal look or if you are a fun festival bride going for something a little more relaxed I can plait, twist, wave, curl and pin to your heart’s desire!

My ultimate aim is to add the icing to your cake…the hair style to your dress…and to do it so you can be relaxed, confident and free to enjoy your special wedding day as a beautiful bride (with fabulous hair!!!).